Alley Docking K53

Alley docking is a manoeuvre which forms part of the yard test in the k53 drivers license test.

Getting in position for the Alley Docking Procedure.

  1. The examiner will direct you to a demarcated area to begin the alley docking procedure.
  2. Obey all road rules as you approach the starting point.
  3. Stop your vehicle within the demarcated starting area, pull up your handbrake and put your car in neutral.

Moving off

  1. Check your rear view mirror and blindspot before indicating towards the appropriate side.
  2. Select reverse gear and balance the clutch.
  3. Perform a 360 degree observation (blind spot, rear-view mirror, opposite blind spot) starting from the opposite side of the turning direction.
  4. Release the handbrake before moving off slowly.

Docking the Vehicle

  1. Maintain a slow pace for best control.
  2. Check the blindspot opposite to turning direction once more before steering the car into the ‘alley’
  3. Guide the car initially by looking over your shoulder
  4. Check side mirrors to align the car between the parking cones.

Stopping Safely

  1. Look over your shoulder and bring the car to a stop before going too far.
  2. Pull up the handbrake and put the vehicle in neutral.

K-53 Alley Docking Tips

  • You are allowed to stop at any time during alley docking.
  • You are allowed 2 attempts, but rolls in the opposite direction result in an instant fail.
  • Don’t touch any of the cones/ poles or you will fail.
  • Make sure to observe and indicate correctly before moving and off after completing the procedure.

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