How to Pass Your Driver's Test How to ensure the greatest chance of success for your K53 driver's test

10 Driving Test Tips

  1. Attend driving lessons consistently and preferably twice a week over a period of time before your test. Don’t cram!
  2. Be knowledgeable of the rules of the road and road signage. You may have to refresh your memory if you wrote your learner’s a while ago.
  3. When you book your test date, make sure to consult your diary and take off work if need be. Being late for your test is obviously not a great idea.
  4. Make sure you’re familiar with the car that you’ll be using for your driving test. If you’ve learned in our cars, please make sure you reserve one for the day.
  5. Learn the pre-trip inspection well. Nailing the pre-trip inspection will give you a bit of a confidence boost at the beginning of your test.
  6. Practice the driving test route to ensure that you aren’t faced with any surprises. The instructors at AA driving academy have knowledge of the test routes around Cape Town.
  7. Arrive early for your test. Doing so will help you remain calm.
  8. Don’t tell everybody about your driving test. This will only place added pressure on you.
  9. Focus on the road instead of worrying about the small mistakes. You are allowed to lose a certain amount of points during the test, but rolling the car, crossing the white line or hitting pedestrians will result in an instant fail.
  10. Thank the examiner at the end of your test.

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