K53 Driver's licence: Yard Test

The yard test is the first part of the k53 driving test and is completed before the open road test. You are tested on your ability to perform the alley docking, 3 point turn and parallel parking manoeuvres while obeying traffic markings and observing as if you were on a public road.

Yard Test Guidelines

  1. The first element of the yard test is the pre-trip inspection. Learn the pre-trip inspection.
  2. The driving examiner will explain the procedures and the starting points before hand. Listen carefully.
  3. It is important to ensure that you perform all movements with the correct k53 observation and signaling procedures.
  4. You are allowed to stop the vehicle at any point during the test as long as you follow the k53 driving method.
  5. You are not required to use the ‘push and pull’ steering method. You may cross your arms to allow quick turning of the wheel.
  6. A roll in the opposite direction is considered an instant fail.
  7. Move at a slow, controllable speed to avoid hitting any of the parking obstacles. Doing so will result in an instant fail.

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