Pre-trip Inspection

The pre-trip inspection is a requirement for your driver’s test and is usually tested before the parking and driving. Learn the following steps and you’ll create a good first impression in the eyes of the examiner.

Inspect and recite the following:

  1. No leaks or obstructions under the car.
  2. Seat belt & door in working order.
  3. Mirror & windshield secure.
  4. Wiperblade un-perished.
  5. Tyre tread & pressure checked, wheel secure
  6. Headlights & bonnet secure.
  7. Water, oil, brake fluid & fanbelt checked.
  8. Left side of car same as previous.
  9. licence disc valid & petrol cap secure.
  10. Back window & tail lights secure / not cracked, boot securely closed.
  11. Back door & tyre same as previous.

Additional tips for pre-trip inspection

  1. Remember to speak clearly during your inspection.
  2. Start at the driver’s side and then walk slowly and counter clockwise around the car. Doing so will make it easier to remember the steps.

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